Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daily Challenges...

I have a challenge for you... These past few months have been amazing good and BAD. People close to me have had loss I just can't even imagine. I finally finished renovating, getting the studio up and running again and the boys are settling in. I'm so sensitive to their milestones... There just seems to be this balance in the chaos. It's like everything I have wanted for so long but repressed and many things I didn't want and will never understand. It has certainly been a long 5 years but there is life after divorce... I didn't always think that. I have begun taking pics of my day keeping in mind what stood out the most. I will be trying to do it everyday. I just think that this day is all we are given. I want to make the best of it. Embracing the new, the present, the good moments and the bad. Somehow learning something from all of it. These will be the many faces of me and the ones who make up my sweet family. I will make memories all over this world. It's been a crazy ride but here's to living the only way I know how.... I love hard, laugh and cry, wear my emotions on my sleeve, say way too much with no filter, I see the good in others even when I shouldn't and hold true honesty, character and loyalty high on my list of what I will show my children and those around me everyday. So my challenge is let's see the good and the bad in each day but dwell on the good and the best. Live this one life we have to live the best way you know how. 

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